MarketGreener blog is a place for conversations about green marketing practices and ways to help “green” the business world. The greening of the business world is happening and it’s picking up speed, but it’s still happening all too slowly for the rate of change our planet needs. I have some personal goals (which I will outline in a future post), but my focus for MarketGreener is in three areas where businesses strive to be green:

1 – Green marketing tactics
You don’t have to be a green business to do your part to save the planet. Marketing itself provides opportunities for being green. For example, electronic marketing—whether it’s Internet advertising or keeping in touch with your customers vie email—can be considered a green practice. You can reach a much more targeted audience, deliver your message for pennies instead of dollars, and there’s nothing to throw away when your audience is done consuming the message.

2 – Marketing your business to highlight your green business practices
As doing business in an environmentally responsible manner becomes more socially acceptable, more businesses are jumping on the green bandwagon. You may already be doing things that could be considered green and don’t even know it; or more likely, your customers don’t know it. Or perhaps you just joined Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet and you want to tell people about it. Run an ad telling your customers that (or better yet, send them an email) and you fit into this category. Unfortunately, this is also the realm of “greenwashing” and abuse.

3 – Businesses with a green mission
There are many businesses with the goal of operating in an environmentally sensitive manner. These businesses are at the forefront of the green movement and exist to help consumers—and often other businesses—reduce their impact on the planet.

Think Globally, Act Locally
It’s an adage that has been around as long (or longer) than the green movement, and one that holds more weight with me every day. It’s nearly impossible to make a difference on a global scale (Al Gore is doing it, but few of us will ever have an opportunity to make that kind of impact), but there is much going on in the wider world that we can apply to our every-day lives in our own communities.

I feel strongly about this because I live in a small community where acting locally can have a noticeable impact. Jackson Hole is a community that, while small, is heavily impacted by the wider world and sometimes even hosts events that play a role on the world stage. It is a community with a population of only 20,000 residents yet every year openly welcomes over three million visitors. And it is a place where the wildness of the earth has an in-your-face, daily presence. Because of these factors, our actions here seem more immediate and that they really can have an impact on the wider world.

MarketGreener will reflect the “think globally, act locally” concept, sometimes reflecting on the things we do here at home and other times bringing the global concepts back to the natives.