Project management. Branding. Seminars. We’re in this up to our eyeballs. We’ve been around, we pay attention and we’re always willing to share what we’ve learned.


We’ve never really liked the word “consultant,” but it’s definitely a catch-all for the work we do that involves strategic thinking, guidance and project management. Some clients already have the assets in place to execute on a project, they just need the leadership to see the project through. We offer that.


Every person has a story to tell. And let’s face it, behind every successful business is a person or group of people with a pretty interesting story. Your brand is central to the story your business has to tell. Whether it’s helping your business craft the first iteration of that story or reinforcing the one that has evolved over the course of your time in business, we find that it’s a process your team will find refreshing and rewarding. In addition to your brand being an important part of making your business stand out, it’s something we enjoy doing!


Twist of Lime's Chris Hansen highlights the finer points of organic vs. paid search.

Twist of Lime's Chris Hansen highlights the finer points of organic vs. paid search.

We’ve developed a series of marketing seminars to help businesses understand the growing and changing realm of online marketing. A presence online and the ability to leverage the Internet is a must for any business today, whether located in the heart of the biggest city or on the outskirts of a small town.

Chris has spoken at conferences and given seminars since he got involved in marketing with the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce back in 2001. Catch him at an event in the “Wydotanatah” region or hire him to speak with your service group, team or whatever.

We currently offer these four marketing seminars:

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
Understanding what search engine “spiders” are looking for on your Web site and how to structure your site’s content to best leverage that knowledge in order to rank as high as possible for relevant search terms is critical in the search game. This seminar is designed as an introduction to search engine optimization, or “SEO.” At the end of this seminar you will better understand why SEO is so important to marketing online; what search engines are looking for when indexing your site; where they find it, both on and off your site; and how to better formulate your content and position it on your site and around the Web for optimum search engine ranking.

Social Media Marketing Biz Basics
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blogs… What are these sites and what do they have to do with the success of your business? Find out the importance of establishing social media “outposts,” how to leverage social media to your business’ advantage, and how to interact responsibly in these realms. We may not know where social media is taking us right now, but the world of online interaction is not going away any time soon. The time to establish your presence online is now!

Introduction to Email Marketing
Of all the ways to leverage the Internet to your business’s advantage, none has a higher potential return on your investment than email marketing. But email marketing is so much more than just sending a copy of your print brochure or advertisement to your customers. Learn the dos and don’ts of email marketing and how to take advantage of this powerful medium.

Blogging with WordPress
Entertainment, lifestyle, politics, real estate, business, sports, technology…bloggers are influencing the decisions we make every day, from what we buy to where we travel to how we vote. A blog gives you the ability to easily express your opinion while adding valuable content to your Web site. It can stand alone, be incorporated into, or become the foundation of your site. Learn why WordPress is the platform of choice for millions of bloggers and how easy it can be to start blogging today!

Our presentation slides are currently available to past seminar attendees and to those who would like a glimpse of what we offer. You may view or download seminar slides at