mercedeshuff.comMercedes Huff is a successful Jackson Hole realtor who has been honing her skills in the valley since the mid-70s. Like many successful realtors, she is sensitive to her personal brand and works hard to market herself and her clients’ listings. So as real estate took a huge hit in the past couple of years and many of her competitors upped the marketing ante, Mercedes realized a re-design of her logo and marketing materials was in order.

After consulting with and even engaging other agencies for renewed marketing efforts and an updated website, Mercedes found in Twist of Lime a team who knows the local community and understands real estate in Jackson Hole. The project included several key aspects: logo, local and national print advertising campaigns, and website redesign. For the logo and print ads, Twist of Lime brought on Miga Rossetti of Rossetti Designs, who developed a logo where before was simply a name in a particular font, and captured the essence of living within the beauty of Jackson Hole in a print campaign that is equal parts contemporary and traditional in design. For the website, we tapped Linda Grimm, whom we had worked with on the project and who understands good user interface, and Alexis Sarthou who’s experience working with WordPress and real estate databases is unparalleled in this community. The result is a website that reflects Mercedes’ brand essence, pulls daily from the local Sotheby’s International Realty listings database, and allows her team to update content quickly and easily through the WordPress web-based interface.

After launching the new website in early November, our team continues to work with Mercedes Huff & Associates to hone aspects of the site and customizeĀ  print campaigns for specific publications in targeted regions.