A little over a year ago, while working on 1% for the Tetons’ One 28 Campaign, we were approached by a representative of the Grand Teton National Park Foundation to help build a website for Grand Teton National Park. The goal was to create something compelling for a potential visitor to Grand Teton National Park, something altogether different than what the Park Service had already. The truth is, the websites that support the national parks are outdated, they’re difficult to navigate, they have a content management system that frustrates park staff who have to manage them, and they’re simply not that compelling.The result was DiscoverGrandTeton.org, a site that allows visitors to “discover” what the park has to offer through an interpretive website.

Grand Teton National Park and the Grand Teton National Park Foundation board of directors really wanted a site that would showcase the natural wonders of this incredible park along with the natural and human history of the park. While there wasn’t the budget to put in all the bells and whistles that we had hoped for this site, we were able to create a site that allows visitors to the site and potential park visitors the opportunity to learn something about the natural world of the park.

From the park’s Wild Communities to geologic history to current seismic activity to a thorough retrospective of the history of the park itself, Discover Grand Teton offers an overview of what visitors to the park can learn about. In fact, there’s probably information on this site that the average visitor may not experience in their trip to the park.

In addition to the interpretive content, there is also practical information on the site in the form of a “dashboard” that aggregates content Grand Teton is already creating in other areas, particularly their news release blog, Facebook and Twitter updates, and webcams from around the valley. You’ll also find links to other park information and latest weather updates.

As Jackson Hole locals, we often take Grand Teton National Park for granted. It’s our back yard, our playground, where we hike, bike, fish, ski, whathaveyou. So it was a real honor to have the opportunity to take on a challenging and rewarding project such as this; one that allowed us to learn something new about our back yard and to give back to this community in the process. Please take a few moments to “discover” Grand Teton through this site and share it with your friends.