1% for the TetonsWe’ve been working with 1% for the Tetons for a little over a year now, and they’ve been chomping at the bit to get a new site built. Well, now’s the time and we just got it done! The new site features a contemporary design and a simplicity in its delivery of content, featuring Members and Grants on the home page and allowing Members to update their own profile information.

This project was possible only with the collaboration of designer Kate Dore of Dore Davis Design and developer Alexis Sarthou, who is a Twist of Lime go-to guy for development needs. Alexis developed simple solutions for the admin areas of the site, which, as I mentioned, allows Members to update their own profiles, but also allow for easy update of grants and the addition of news items. This information is then dynamically updated in all the right places on the site.

1% for the Tetons is a small organization with a limited budget and nearly no staff to speak of, so we had to keep things as simple as possible for Jonathan Schechter and anyone he may conscript to make updates down the road. But the organization is growing, and Jonathan has big plans, so we had to also make sure the site was easily expandable to allow for the organization’s — and the site’s — anticipated growth. We wish Jonathan all the best with this new site while we also look forward to the next phase.

Oh, and we’re also proud to be a Member of 1% for the Tetons!