A Few Follow-Up Questions to Jackson's RRR Campaign

recycling binAs a follow-up to a previous post about Jackson Hole’s local Reduce, Reuse, Recycle program—or RRR—I asked Heather Overholser, the executive director of Jackson Community Recycling and one of the founders of the RRR program, a few questions. Please see the previous post about RRR for more information.


RRR Helping Businesses Become Sustainable

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Would you like to do more to green your business but you don’t know how? Are you an employee of a business that you think can and should be greener in its every-day practices but you’re not sure how to entice your boss to “go green”? Well, there’s a program in Jackson Hole that can help ease you down this path.

The local Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Campaign—RRR for short—was begun in 2004 by Jackson Community Recycling, Teton Sustainability Project of the Murie Center, and Habitat for Humanity’s Jackson Hole ReStore as a way to help local businesses develop sustainable practices. Along the way, they’ve also developed a marketing program to help businesses get the word out to their customers and potential customers that they strive to be an environmentally sustainable business. It’s a program that has garnered a bit of attention locally and brought a lot of businesses into the fold (fifty-six business at last count, according to their Web site).

According to the site,

Since 2004 it has taken the form of a multi-year advertising campaign, and more recently it has developed a local green business certification program.