Product Packaging News Recycled: Less Is Still More

In the past couple of weeks, two seemingly opposite articles about packaging have piqued my interest.

First it was this one from Fast Company: “Will ‘Active Packaging’ Undermine Apple’s Quest for Sustainability?”

Then it was this week’s Marketing: Green column from MediaPost: “When It Comes To Packaging, Less Is More.”


Amazon Takes The Lead In Reducing Packaging Waste

Amazon to help How many times have you been completely frustrated with the ridiculous packaging that so many of the products we buy are entombed in? In a post I wrote back in March about a new Camelbak bladder I purchased, I praised the company for keeping their packaging simple and mostly recyclable. Its baffling to me that this should be a topic to blog so passionately about, but after opening packages of children’s toys for my daughters for the past six years worth of Christmases and Birthdays, this is a frustration that angers me to no end. What is all this crap and why do manufacturers believe they need to make opening packaging a task requiring the tools found in my workshop?