Facebook Connect Now Live On MarketGreener

Facebook Connect is the latest gem to  make a difference in social networking.

There’s been a fair bit of speculation about just how much more sociability and interactivity the new Facebook Connect application will have around ye ole Internets since its announcement last year and now quite a bit more since its launch in December. Well, here at MarketGreener we’ve been playing around with it and finally got it to work across multiple platforms. It seems there are some extra special complexities in Internet Explorer (no surprise there), but I’m no programmer and even I got it working.

After digging around a bit, I found and implemented two different fb Connect plugins for WordPress. The one I’m employing here is Sociable’s Facebook Connect Plugin I’m not going to walk you through installation ’cause you can do that there. But I’m pretty excited about the social and marketing implications of this type of interconnectivity.


3 Tips For Online Business Networking

Are these people in your social network or just from another bad Web site template?Social networks are growing. Especially those that have anything to do with networking for business. It’s clear that in this down economy, workers who have lost their jobs or are looking to bolster their connections before they do are updating their profiles and making connections on social networks.

But how many social networks should you be a part of? Experts agree on a few rules of thumb when it comes to online social networking.


Social Media Proving Difficult For Marketers

Will you find customers on Facebook or other social media?

In case you hadn’t noticed, it appears the world of social networking is giving marketers and the businesses they market for a run for their money. I’ve been paying attention because I, too, am a marketer trying to make sense of this very fickle medium.

The bottom line is that, even as anti-social as social media seems on the surface, people are there to interact with people, not advertisements.