Social Media Working for 1% for the Tetons

1% for the Tetons' "One28" campaignFor the past couple of weeks, a small team has been working on 1% for the Tetons“One28 Campaign.” This campaign has been quite intensive for the past two weeks now and will continue through June 5, 2010, when we hope to have raised $300,000 for 19 very worthy grant projects that will help sustain the environment in the Tetons region.

It actually began late last year, with the understanding that the 1% Web site needed a complete overhaul, (more…)

Twist of Lime Launches New 1% for the Tetons Website

1% for the TetonsTwist of Lime, with the help of developer Alexis Sarthou and designer Kate Dore of Dore Davis Design, completed and launched the new 1% for the Tetons Web site last Monday, January 25. The new site represents an evolutionary step not only for the online presence of 1% for the Tetons, but for the organization itself.

The site was designed with an eye toward simplicity, ease of updating and with future expansion in mind. The design highlights Members and Grants, and it allows Members to update their own profiles and make offers to Members, Supporters and the public at large. There are now dedicated Members, Grants and News areas, where the proof of this incredible concept are showcased.

The launch of this new site comes just as 1% for the Tetons announced its new granting process. The new process involves two rounds for grant applicants and will feature an as-yet-to-be-released function of the new site that will allow Members and the public to cast their vote for potential grants by making pledges. This new function will be unveiled in the next several months. You can read more about the new grants process here.

1% For The Planet Tries To Cool Down A "Hot, Hot Santa"

I’ve been on a social media marketing kick lately and this little gem caught my eye.

If you’re not already familiar with it, 1% for the Planet is a non-profit organization that encourages businesses to give one percent of their gross income (yep, that’s right, “gross” — give ’til it hurts, baby!) to environmental causes. It was started by Yvon Chouinard, founder Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, and is in the process of becoming a force of its own.

Well, to make a long story short (so you can get on with the video), my business, Twist of Lime, is a member of 1% for the Tetons, based here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the only “regional” 1% chapter in the country. As it happens, 1% for the Tetons members are also 1% for the Planet members, and I’ve been doing some marketing work for 1% for the Tetons so I’ve been paying attention to what the Planet folks are doing these days. And they’re doing some pretty cool stuff. So, take a moment to check out this video and then share it with others. They’ve done a smash-up job offering lots of ways for you to share in hopes this baby will go viral. Click the link below to see the video and enjoy!