This may be a very broad leap in regards to green marketing and business practices, but I couldn’t help myself. As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I want to mention a ski trip I’ve been planning that we’re all very excited about and hope will be a lot of fun. With a nod to green marketing, I must say that I only found out about Sorcerer Lodge by doing some digging online last spring when I was trying to put this trip together. Well, as of yesterday we’ve got a full group and I couldn’t be happier with the bunch we’ve got going. Mostly people from Jackson Hole, but all are good folks connected in one way or another to each other. And of course, everyone of us is an avid skier ready for a great experience.

In making arrangements for the trip, I only just realized how soon we’re going. It’s early March, which seems like some time from now, but turns out it’s only about nine weeks away. Seems shorter when you put it that way. So I did some digging on the ol’ Internets and found this site that offers countdown clocks. Turns out there are several of them out there, but I liked this one the best.

So, here’s to skiing at Sorcerer Lodge and the excitement building up to the trip: let the countdown begin!