"Wydotanatah": my phrase; my territory.

"Wydotanatah": my phrase; my territory.

When I conducted my first marketing seminar I was merely looking for a way to reach a captive audience of potential clients among businesses here in Jackson Hole. Now that I’ve reached that audience, I’m continuing to look for ways to reach others here locally in Jackson Hole and in the region beyond.

Jackson Hole as a business community is unique in many ways, some of which include:

  • It’s small but dense. There’s a lot of business for a community of roughly 20,000 people.
  • It’s relatively savvy. There are a lot of mom and pop shops but even they realize that they they need to compete at a relative level with the national (and even multi-national) corporations that have a presence here.
  • We’re a long way from anywhere. Our closest metropolitan area is Salt Lake City, and that’s a 5-hour drive. (Sorry, Idaho Falls.)
  • We’re closer to the state capitals of the three closest states than we are to our own. It’s true: by car Helena, Montana, is 4.5 hours; Salt Lake City, Utah, is 5 hours; Boise, Idaho, is 6 hours; and Cheyenne, Wyoming, is 6.5 hours.

But the one way that we’re not unique is that businesses here in Jackson share many of the same challenges that businesses throughout the rest of Wyoming—and in many parts of the sparsely populated West—share: if we want to do business throughout the state, we need to travel to do so.

Recognizing that means that you also recognize that there’s little difference between traveling to Casper from Jackson to do business than there is in traveling to Bozeman to do business (except that Bozeman may be a little more geographically interesting). For that reason, and in respect to the client from Kemmerer, Wyoming, whom I just brought on, I’ve consciously expanded my regional influence and coined a name for it: “Wydotanatah.” It includes Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Utah and it is my territory defined.