SEO Chat\'s Search Engine Keyword Position toolI was just playing around with SEO Chat’s Search Engine Keyword Position tool and noticed that, according to them, MarketGreener is ranked 9th by Google for the phrase “Jackson Hole Marketing.” I was curious to see if it was true, so I did it myself. Lo and behold, I was actually number 11, but hey, that’s still pretty good. What made me even happier is that it was several places above my old employer, Circumerro (sorry, boys, no link today).

So I took it a step further and googled “Jackson Hole Marketing Agency” and found that MarketGreener was listed 7th! Not bad even though the Keyword Position tool said I was 4th. (Though even since I’ve started writing this post it’s slipped to number 9.) What is a little disturbing, however, is the proliferation of real estate related sites that rank for that term.

Next step is to get, marketing and content service business, ranked up there higher than MarketGreener, ’cause right now its not ranking anywhere and I’ve got some work to do. The good news is that the number 7 position is for a post I wrote about the launch of Twist of Lime.