1% for the Tetons' "One28" campaignFor the past couple of weeks, a small team has been working on 1% for the Tetons“One28 Campaign.” This campaign has been quite intensive for the past two weeks now and will continue through June 5, 2010, when we hope to have raised $300,000 for 19 very worthy grant projects that will help sustain the environment in the Tetons region.

It actually began late last year, with the understanding that the 1% Web site needed a complete overhaul, which we completed in January of this year. Once that was complete, we knew the online fundraising component of the site needed building out. The good folks at Baxa Marketing did that work and, with a tip of the hat to Kickstarter, and the understanding that it’s not perfect, it has turned out to be a great system.

The idea behind 1% for the Tetons, modeled after 1% for the Planet (and actually legally affiliated), is that Member businesses donate 1% of their gross profit in order to have it granted out to organizations that create projects that sustain the Tetons region. A committee of 1% Members chooses which of the grant applications get funded. This year there were many worthy grants, plus, after two years of successful grant cycles, 1% for the Tetons wanted to address two concerns that regularly arose:

  1. Members often stated that they would like more control over where there money goes, and…
  2. Non-members, who were not willing to donate a full 1% of their gross income, still wanted to be able to contribute.

Enter the One28 Campaign.

Now, through the fundraising mechanism in place on the Web site, Member organizations have the ability to allocate their donations and now anyone can make a donation.

And how are we getting the word out? Along with traditional forms of awareness-building that our fearless leader Jonathan Schechter is heading up (advertising, banners, yard-signs, PR, etc), Twist of Lime is managing the social media side of things to see how well we can drive traffic to the 1% site. (This blog is one shameless way of doing so…)

The first thing we did was implement the 1% blog, where Finalists are featured every day of the One28 campaign and special announcements are made to our constituents. Then implemented a handful of social media outposts to help build the network.

We use MailChimp to send email updates to our constituents on a weekly basis (if not more often). MailChimp has great features, including fantastic list management, email sign-up forms, WordPress integration and much more stuff that I’m sure we’re not using. You can sign up for the 1% email list here.

We’re using Twitter, but growth here is slow and we don’t have many followers yet. You can help us out by following 1% for the Tetons.

But perhaps our best social media tool is Facebook, where many of our Members belong and almost all of our grant finalists have pages. We post much of what is happening during the One28 Campaign on the 1% for the Tetons Facebook page. We tag our Finalists and Members whenever we can, helping to strengthen the Facebook Web. We’ve also connected our 1% page to Twitter for automatic updates. In addition to Members and Finalists, Facebook has been broadly embraced by the Jackson Hole community, helping us spread the word through this network. We encourage you to become a fan of (or “Like” — I still can’t quite embrace this new parlance) 1% for the Tetons on Facebook.

So far so good. We’ve raised almost $60,000 so far, and perhaps the biggest part of the battle is getting the last of the Member business donations in and allocated. But we’ve never expected Members to complete all the funding this year and we’re relying on you, oh generous public, to help us bridge the gap. So, as a Member of 1% for the Tetons and part of the awareness-building team, I invite and encourage you to help us “Fund Our Future” here in the Tetons region and support the grant project or projects of your choice. And here’s to a successful campaign!