Twist of Lime LogoI’m proud to announce the launch of my new business: Twist of Lime is a marketing and content services agency.

I’ve taken the skills I’ve developed as a marketing and communications specialist for several organizations over the better part of the past decade and parlayed them into this new endeavor. It occurred to me some time ago that here in our relatively small community there are a few graphic designers who specialize in Web design and there are a number of developers/programmers (nobody’s really sure what that number is—they keep a pretty low profile) who do Web development and other similar work. There are even a few agencies that bring the two disciplines together in one shop. But nobody seems to offer complete marketing services or content development or upkeep.

Anyone worth their salt works with their client to develop a good site outline, but often the creation and collection of that content is left up to the client. Some even offer a content management system so the client can update their own content, but if they don’t stay familiar with how the CMS works or have time to deal with updates, it becomes more of a burden and more often than not their site goes stale.

As for marketing, there are a couple of more traditional ad agencies offering media buying in addition to their other services, but not usually of the online variety, and no one comes close to offering comprehensive strategic marketing planning.

Enter Twist of Lime.

A background in journalism and freelance writing combined with experience in creating and organizing content for Web sites, as well as success in developing marketing programs for the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, its programs and members, and for the Center for the Arts here in Jackson has inspired me to launch this new business and fill an apparent void in the marketplace.

I was about to write “local marketplace,” but while my network is local, my goal is to focus on industry niches and not necessarily businesses geographically oriented to Jackson Hole. The good thing is that there is a growing number of local businesses based here in Jackson that do business on a much broader scale. Familiar industry niches include outdoor, travel and tourism, real estate, arts and entertainment, and non-profits.

To see some of the work I’ve done already, please visit the “work” page on And feel free to drop me a line from this blog or from the Twist of Lime site.