Twist of Lime Marketing & Content ServicesIf you happen to be reading this blog from Jackson Hole, pick up a copy of today’s Jackson Hole News&Guide and check out the Business Focus special section. My new business, Twist of Lime, has a spot in there, along with a slew of other businesses. Who knew there were so many new businesses here in Jackson? Just goes to show how entrepreneurial people in this vibrant community can be.

As noted in the introduction by editor Tim Dudley,

…you may notice an extraordinary number of them are also trying to do business in a way that makes a difference by reducing their impact on the planet…

Not to be a spoil-sport, but I was noticing just the opposite. Reading through the section it seemed that, while there are a few businesses that are focusing on environmental factors, the majority of businesses either don’t incorporate a sustainable business focus or they don’t do a very good job promoting it.

The News&Guide has done a tremendous job compiling this compendium of new and/or improved businesses, and my hat is off to Tim and his staff. Special thanks to Melanie White for a great write-up. However, while they’ve created a great print resource, I continue to encourage the powers-that-be over at the N&G to vastly improve their value proposition to their advertisers and readers and take the entire paper online. I know they’re leaning in that direction; the sooner the better, gentlemen. Thanks for the exposure.