TetonRaptorCenter.org was launched earlier this week.

TetonRaptorCenter.org was launched earlier this week.

I’ve been privileged to work with the good folks at the Teton Raptor Center here in Wilson for much of the past year. From helping them with some fundraising materials to their marketing for Old Bill’s last year, it has been a lot of fun. But the most rewarding so far has been the project that has been in the sights since last fall: a new Web site.

A little background: the Raptor Center in its current form is a relatively new organization, but the activities of the Center have been ongoing for quite some time, going back pretty much as long as area wildlife biologist and raptor expert Roger Smith has been caring for raptors in the Greater Yellowstone area. Officially, Roger and his wife Margaret Creel established The Raptor Fund as a non-profit back in 1992 but have lacked a place for this organization to call home—unless of course you consider their home such a place. Since they didn’t consider their own home appropriate, they sought to establish such a place.

Having been re-established as The Teton Raptor Center, the organization, through much negotiation by their dedicated board members, was able last year to secure a lease for the Hardeman Barns at the old Hardeman Ranch in Wilson from the Jackson Hole Land Trust. With that development and a commitment to providing help for raptors and education about them, the Teton Raptor Center was on its way toward establishing themselves as a prominent non-profit organization here in Jackson Hole. And with a great new physical home established, they then needed a cyber-home for their organization.

As of Monday afternoon, April 27, they now have such a home. That was the day we flipped the switch on TetonRaptorCenter.org. Check it out; see what they’ve been up to, view some of the great photos we’ve managed to get online so far, and try to support them in their effort if you’re so inclined.