Hoo Boy, it’s been a while since I updated this thing. I try to keep things focused on the business of marketing and business practices that are inherently sustainable or “green” by nature and there is more than enough fodder out there. But after having written this blog for nearly six months, I’m beginning to wonder where the focus really should be. I’m finding that the posts tend to be a little mundane and sometimes a bit forced, and often not really containing my voice. The purpose of blogging is to get your opinions out there, right? I find myself with lots of good ideas about what to write about and then filtering it so much that I end up writing about nothing at all.

So I’ve decided to shake things up a little and take this blog in some new directions.

• From now on this blog will have more personal reflection, hopefully staying as close as I can to the main topic, but don’t be surprised if I go off on a bit of a tangent from time to time.

• I know I’ll never make much money by blogging, but I hope to build more traffic and hopefully at least offset the cost of hosting fees and some of the time I dedicate to it. ($16.97 in AdSense “revenue” in six months doesn’t seem to be cutting it)

• I’m on the hunt for a new theme. This theme was never intended to be the ideal theme for this blog, but it satisfied some basic criteria (it’s green and has three columns) and got me up and running. I’ve been playing around with a few others, but nothing has struck me as the optimum yet. So don’t be surprised to see a new look here from time to time as I throw caution to the wind and try out some new looks.

• The world is my oyster but I seem to be stuck in clam muck. The blog has been stagnating a bit because there are so many other things going on in my life. Family, of course, takes the most of the time from which I try to sneak a few minutes of writing (as it rightly should), but the ability to take advantage of the lifestyle I prefer and balance it with a rewarding professional life isn’t happening the way I would like. There are changes in the wind and I plan on taking full advantage of them.

• I spend a bit of time (perhaps too much) checking out other blogs and reading about what’s going on in the world of online and green marketing, so I’ll start sharing more of that here so you can see where my interests lie.

Most of all, this blog is a conversation, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if you like or don’t like what you’re seeing here, or if you have suggestions for topics to cover.

In parting, here are a few things I’ve read in the last day or so:

This New York Times article on blogging is pretty basic, but it got me thinking and the juices flowing.

Though I practice yoga regularly, do so with one of the yogis on Yoga Today, and work for the company that built and manages their site, I’d never spent so much as a second on my mat in front of the computer. Last night was the first time and it was really great. I highly recommend it, and it’s a fairly green way to get your yoga done if you’re like me and need someone to walk you through a routine.

I came across this great site with satellite maps of some of the best North American ski terrain while working on a post for NewWest.net’s Snowblog.

Here and here are a couple of blogs by some Jackson locals who seem to have figured out the balance between life and work. Good on ya!

It’s the first day of spring but you wouldn’t know that from this morning’s snow report. Forty inches since Tuesday! What a winter!