recycling binAs a follow-up to a previous post about Jackson Hole’s local Reduce, Reuse, Recycle program—or RRR—I asked Heather Overholser, the executive director of Jackson Community Recycling and one of the founders of the RRR program, a few questions. Please see the previous post about RRR for more information.

MarketGreener: How is the Business Leaders program different than what was first implemented in RRR?
Heather Overholser: The first part of the campaign focused on the community as a whole, educating residents about the importance of RRR and inspiring them to integrate the practice into their daily lives. The RRR Business Leaders campaign focuses specifically on businesses to encourage them to integrate RRR practices into their business operations, as well as to promote these businesses within the community.

MG: Who is in charge of reviewing a business for acceptance into the program?
HO: The RRR committee reviews the surveys once a month.

MG: Aside from the survey on line, what criteria are used during evaluation?
HO: The criteria for becoming an RRR Business Leader is scoring at least 60% on the survey (not including N/A answers). We also look at the written responses, talk with the business, work through the survey with them, and help the make some changes in the operations to achieve at least 60%.

MG: How do you verify what businesses claim is true? And is there any sort of ongoing evaluation?
HO: To verify that what businesses report in the survey is true, we have a site visit team that randomly visits businesses to make sure they are doing what they indicated in the survey, as well as look for interesting and innovative RRR practices that can be used in RRR advertising.