Save The Elves!At Circumerro, we just launched a holiday self-promotion campaign of satire for the holidays. Its called “Save The Elves” and you can learn more about it at You see, it appears Jackson Hole has an elf problem. After resting on the National “Elf” Refuge during their long migration back to the North Pole for their winter job building toys for Santa Clause, the elves are supposed to resume their journey. Problem is, many of the more delinquent elves are sticking around town and generally causing havoc. I won’t ruin the rest of the story for you; rather, take a moment to watch the video below.

I don’t mind a little shameless self-promotion since this fits right in with low-impact marketing. We shot the video on the fly, over the course of two weeks, and are promoting it almost entirely online. Though we did send out cards to our clients, we opted for a post-card, and it doubles as our holiday card for the season. In fact, that’s where the original idea came from. And what better way to set yourself apart from the crush of holiday cards?

Be sure to check out some of the out-takes either on the site or via YouTube.