Happy Belated April Fools Day!Rather than jump directly on the bandwagon and post something about April Fools day actually on April Fools Day (‘cause that would be too on-top-of-it for this blogger. I’d hate to get a heart attack or something…), I figured I’d wait a week and see what the fallout was and how the blogosphere reacted to it.

I caught a few things right off the bat on Tuesday morning, but most of the April Tom-Foolery on the Internet seems to be in the form of jokes, such as the new-to-me but obviously not new concept of “Rick-rolling.”

But what I’ve been looking more for is which companies are successfully using April first as a way to promote their product, tongue-in-cheek style.

Pizza Hut received some notoriety for their new line of pastas with their announcement that they had changed their name to “Pasta Hut.” Not the most interesting of jokes, but it appears to have gotten the attention of someone at Mediapost.

Taking comedy to another realm (if not another level), Butterfinger (yes, the candy bar), launched their new Finger Comedy Network on Yahoo with an announcement that they had changed the name of the candy bar to “The Finger.” According to the report (again) on Mediapost, Butterfinger also gave away “200,000 free finger bars to consumers at 7-Eleven stores in 10 major markets” and made a limited number available on eBay Giving Works to benefit a youth enrichment center in Los Angeles.

Other stuff I found included a post on mediamonkey about the BBC’s iPlayer flying penguins promo and something about a new model of BMW that gives offending dogs a jolt when they do their thing on the tire of the wrong car.

And there were a few bloggers who opined the value of utilizing April Fools Day as a marketing tactic, including Chief Marketer, Hill & Knowlton, and onlinemarketer.co.nz.

But it seems those who really tried to make the most of the day were all those bloggers trying to reel in some traffic while link-baiting.

Bottom line is nearly anything goes on April Fools day, and if your company has the wherewithal to do something tongue-in-cheek and get away with it, you can probably utilize the opportunity to launch a new product or at least drum up some business.