Green Business ConferenceI belong to the Green Business Facebook Group and I received a message from the moderator, Tad Hargrave, about the upcoming Green Business Conference in San Francisco next fall hosted by Co-op America. (There’s actually one coming up sooner in Chicago May 13-15.) I’ve never heard of this conference (though I’m sure there are many I haven’t heard of), but judging by their sponsors and guests (Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago and Chris Van Dyke of Nau, for example), it looks like it could be a good session.

I’m probably not going to make it to Chicago in May, but I may try for San Francisco in November. Gives me a little more time to plan and save up some cash. Judging by the program online, it looks like there are some really interesting sessions. While I don’t claim to run a green business, it could be an opportunity to learn more about how to apply green business promotional techniques to the marketing work I’ve started doing. Any little bit helps.

If anyone has attended one of Co-op America’s conferences, I’d love to hear your perspective. Is it worth it? Is it not to be missed?