“none” is the greenest brandGreen brands, or brands that aspire to be green, have a ways to go, according to the 2008 Brandjunkie Survey Results. When asked, “What brand do you think is truly (going) green? Why?” the number one answer was: none. By a strong 19.4% of the vote, most survey respondents felt there was no brand out there that was truly “green.” The top responses included:

“Companies will pretend they are environmentally aware except they still have, primarily, only their own interests in mind and are therefore never truly green.”

“All brands are out to please their stockholders.”

“There are attempts at establishing green credentials—but these attempts are happening in silos within brands and companies. Very often, the ‘green’ aspect of the business is far outweighed by the ‘non-green’ areas.”

That’s not exactly a stellar report for green brands.

The brands that actually did get some of the vote include Toyota (9.4%); BP, know prior to their recent green rebranding as British Petroleum (3.3%); The Body Shop (3.1%); and Honda (2.7%). Interesting that only one of these brands is not directly involved in the burning of fossil fuels. That tells me that the top brands helping us warm this planet are at least trying to appeal to our desire to keep doing what we’re doing while helping us feel better about it. A sociologist might call them enablers in our dysfunctional relationship with the Earth.

Dysfunction aside, there is obviously much room for improvement in the realm of green brands. And while the comments on this report question the statistical accuracy of polling those in the marketing field, it is clear that several brands stand head and shoulders above so many others.

Brandjunkie reports that their survey results came from:

“nearly 2,000 brandchannel readers—74 percent of which hail from the marketing profession—in 107 different countries answered our 10-question online survey and identified one brand that best fit the criteria for each inquiry. Respondents could recognize any brand they felt appropriate, as a shortlist of brands was not given.”

The survey was conducted between February 24 and March 9, 2008. Check back to their site in the next week or so for more survey results.