MarketGreener on Hiatus

If you’ve wondered where we’ve gone, the MarketGreener blog has been on hiatus since the opening of Pizzeria Caldera in downtown Jackson, Wyoming. Our efforts are currently focused on making the best pizza in the Greater Yellowstone region, and if you’ve ever run a restaurant, you know it’s more than a full-time endeavor. As such, we’ve had no time to post on this site, and in addition, Twist of Lime is not currently taking on new clients. But if you find yourself in Jackson Hole, you should definitely come on by for some great pizza!

Learn more about Pizzeria Caldera at Thanks for dropping by!

Discover Grand Teton Launched in Time for Summer Season

Though it doesn’t always feel like summer in June, we’re proud to announce the launch of a new site for Grand Teton National Park just in time for the height of the summer tourist season here in Jackson Hole. was created with the vision of a site that allows potential and current visitors to Grand Teton National Park to “discover” what the Park has to offer through an interpretive website.

You can learn more about the project by visiting the Discover Grand Teton page in the Our Work section of our site. Or, we, along with Grand Teton National Park and the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, welcome you to visit the site and “discover” what Grand Teton National Park has to offer any potential visitor, be they online or on the ground.

Twist of Lime Offers Online Marketing Classes Through Central Wyoming College

Beginning Wednesday, February 2, 2011, I will be offering 3 consecutive 2-hour classes each Wednesday night through February 16 on online marketing through Central Wyoming College’s continuing education program here in Jackson. If you are interested in attending any of these classes, please contact CWC’s office in the Center for the Arts by calling 307-733-7425.

Here’s a run-down on each of the classes offered. You can also get information about these classes on the Consultation and Seminars page on this site.

Blogging with WordPress; 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., February 2, 2011
Entertainment, lifestyle, politics, real estate, business, sports, technology…bloggers are influencing the decisions we make every day, from what we buy to where we travel to how we vote. A blog gives you the ability to easily express your opinion while adding valuable content to your Web site. It can stand alone, be incorporated into, or become the foundation of your site. Learn why WordPress is the platform of choice for millions of bloggers and how easy it can be to start blogging today!

Introduction to Social Media Marketing; 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., February 9, 2011
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blogs… What are these sites and what do they have to do with the success of your business? Find out the importance of establishing social media “outposts,” how to leverage social media to your business’ advantage, and how to interact responsibly in these realms. We may not know where social media is taking us right now, but the world of online interaction is not going away any time soon. The time to establish your presence online is now!

Introduction to Email Marketing; 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., February 16, 2011
Of all the ways to leverage the Internet to your business’s advantage, none has a higher potential return on your investment than email marketing. But email marketing is so much more than just sending a copy of your print brochure or advertisement to your customers. Learn the dos and don’ts of email marketing and how to take advantage of this powerful medium.

Twist Team Launches

After several months of design and development work, the Twist of Lime team of Chris Hansen, Linda Grimm and Alexis Sarthou launched the new Mercedes Huff & Associates website,, in mid-November.

The  new site was the result of Mercedes’ desire to update her marketing materials, reflect the addition of two new team members, and give her site an  advantage in a competitive, sophisticated, high-end real estate market. Built on the WordPress platform for easy updating through the use of a free, flexible, open-source content management system, the site incorporates a feed from the local Sotheby’s International Realty listing database and a contemporary and elegant design that is easy for visitors to use.

For more information about this project, please visit the Mercedes Huff & Associates page in the Our Work section.

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

Just got the email invite from about this year’s Blog Action Day topic. This year, it’s water. I have to say, I like this year’s topic. Every time I turn on the tap I think about how ridiculously simple and easy this is for so many of us. So easy to get, so easy to drink, so easy to waste. And so NOT easy for so many throughout the world.

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to write about. Yes, water is an important topic, and we often think first about those in undeveloped countries who do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. And I don’t want to say that this is not important, but there are many other important aspects of water; some that touch our lives every day and many that don’t.

One aspect I’ve written about several times on this blog includes my disdain for bottled water. There’s even an interesting info-graphic I posted here. But I also think often about how, where I live, the preservation of wild waterways is important for our local ecosystem. And how that is perceived as a threat by those downstream of us who count on, nay, have rights to the water that flows through the Jackson Hole valley. Is this as important as children dying of dysentery? I don’t know, but it has implications that span from clean local drinking water to agricultural food production to the viability of Northwest salmon runs. Each of these being important in their own right, and perhaps more approachable and identifiable than something occurring in Africa.

Like I said, I haven’t figured out what I’m going to write about, but Blog Action Day is October 15. If you have ideas, please post them in the comments below. And thanks for reading!

Blog Action Day 2010: Water from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.

News&Guide’s launched


Twist of Lime helped the Jackson Hole News&Guide create it's latest online real estate publication:

Real estate is a very hot commodity here in Jackson Hole — even after the bottom fell out of the market around the rest of the country. While local realtors, businesses and other publications that rely heavily on the real estate market were reeling from the bubble-burst, the Jackson Hole News&Guide was taking advantage of the downturn in the market to create a new online publication. After more than a year of design, development and negotiations with local brokerages and the Teton County MLS Board, was born. And Twist of Lime was there every step of the way.

The News&Guide had their preferred graphic designer (Tetonia resident Linda Grimm) and Web developer (, but no one in-house with the ability to manage the development of such a complex site. We handled project management, from the original scope draft, through design development, to paring down the punchlist. And as it goes with many projects of this size, we’re still ironing out the wrinkles and anticipate some level of continued involvement in the short-term.

The advantage of is the killer content combination of all listings in the Teton County MLS database coupled with the robust daily content creation of In addition to local real estate listings updated daily, brings in for-sale-by-owner properties and rentals as well as real estate-specific articles from the News&Guide. But even for all the content and usability of real estate search, is not in the business of selling real estate; rather, their end goal is to provide as much information to the buyer as possible and then facilitate the connection between the buyer and agent.

If you’re in the market for Jackson Hole real estate, we highly recommend checking out

Social Media Working for 1% for the Tetons

1% for the Tetons' "One28" campaignFor the past couple of weeks, a small team has been working on 1% for the Tetons“One28 Campaign.” This campaign has been quite intensive for the past two weeks now and will continue through June 5, 2010, when we hope to have raised $300,000 for 19 very worthy grant projects that will help sustain the environment in the Tetons region.

It actually began late last year, with the understanding that the 1% Web site needed a complete overhaul, (more…)

Twist of Lime Launches New 1% for the Tetons Website

1% for the TetonsTwist of Lime, with the help of developer Alexis Sarthou and designer Kate Dore of Dore Davis Design, completed and launched the new 1% for the Tetons Web site last Monday, January 25. The new site represents an evolutionary step not only for the online presence of 1% for the Tetons, but for the organization itself.

The site was designed with an eye toward simplicity, ease of updating and with future expansion in mind. The design highlights Members and Grants, and it allows Members to update their own profiles and make offers to Members, Supporters and the public at large. There are now dedicated Members, Grants and News areas, where the proof of this incredible concept are showcased.

The launch of this new site comes just as 1% for the Tetons announced its new granting process. The new process involves two rounds for grant applicants and will feature an as-yet-to-be-released function of the new site that will allow Members and the public to cast their vote for potential grants by making pledges. This new function will be unveiled in the next several months. You can read more about the new grants process here.

The Facts About Bottled Water By

I wrote about bottled water early on in this blog. I hate it. Hate the bottles mostly, but the whole concept in a country that has the safest drinking water right from the multitude of faucets in your own home and workplace — yes, even the one in the bathroom — is completely ridiculous on so many levels. Hated it then and still hate it now.

At least some people are starting to wake up the atrocity known as bottled water, including the good folks at Brita who have had growing success with the “Filter For Good” program.

But many, many people still blithely buy into this scourge of the earth. Which is why I’m glad to see this infographic from the good folks at OnlineEducation. Don’t miss this. And you can put the graphic on your site with this code.

Presented by Online Education
The Facts About Bottled Water

“Where To Put It All,” Art Opening By Miga Rossetti

"Where to Put it All" opens tonight, Friday, December 11, at 5:30 p.m. in the Center for the Arts in Jackson.

"Where to Put it All" opens tonight, Friday, December 11, at 5:30 p.m. in the Center for the Arts in Jackson.

My wife, Miga Rossetti, has been working hard for the past many months on a new body of artwork that is now hanging in the Center for the Arts in Jackson. Please join us tonight, Friday, December 11, at 5:30 p.m. for the opening reception in the Center Theater Gallery for her show, “Where To Put It All.”

Every spring a squadron of robins attempts to build nests between the rafters of our front porch. Some fail and some succeed, but each works frantically, collecting bits of all kinds of grasses and twigs, to build their potential new homes and rear a new brood of chicks. Regardless of their level of success, we’re left with a number of abandoned nests at the end of the summer. These nests have become the inspiration for Miga’s latest body of work, “Where to Put it All.”

There are birds and nests and symbols of all kinds in her new paintings. They reflect her desire to create order from the relative chaos that is the collective life of our family. We are freelancers, entrepreneurs, parents and fun-hogs (not necessarily in that order). We work in graphic design, art, marketing, writing, and we run a greeting card company. We have two beautiful daughters who are wildly active and creative and produce a never-ending stream of drawings, projects and whatnot. And we live in a place that allows us to be active outdoors, skiing, cycling, hiking, paddling and whatever else. How to get it all done and then where to put it all?

Special thanks to the Art Association of Jackson Hole for sponsoring this show and hosting this opening, which is hosted in part by The Liquor Store and The Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.

Columbia Engages Customers On Pandora With Weather, Music And Utility

Columbia Sportswear's done a great job of incorporating utility into their marketing on Pandora.

Columbia Sportswear has done a great job of incorporating utility into their marketing on Pandora.

I love utility. My dad was very hands-on and could build or fix anything: a car, a plane, a house, whatever. Luckily, I got his knack for being able to fix things, and while I am no longer a “practicing” carpenter, I spent several years doing it, still take on my own home-improvement projects, have a shop full of tools and am a big sucker for hardware stores and Tool Crib catalogs.

I’m also a pragmatist and favor products and services that make my life better or easier, and that translates to marketing. There are all kinds of examples of utilitarian marketing strategies (though still far too many non-utilitarian marketing efforts), and with the interactivity of online marketing, these “utilities” are becoming more prevalent.

That’s why I was pleased to see what Columbia Sportswear has come up with in its marketing on Pandora. First of all, Pandora is a great example of radio letting us drive the bus, to a certain extent. We get to vote up or down songs within a particular strain of a genre, or “station,” in exchange for great free music of almost any type. A compromise for sure, but it is interactive radio at its best.

Now, because the reality of all this online content is that it actually costs money to produce (as much as we want to be in denial about that), Pandora has had to explore a few monetization schemes, and I give them kudos for introducing advertising in a way that isn’t too obtrusive.


New MarketGreener/Twist of Lime Site Launched!

Welcome to the newly redesigned MarketGreener and Twist of Lime sites. Or is it the newly redesigned Twist of Lime and MarketGreener sites? Whichever it is, they’re now joined at the hip!

I launched MarketGreener just over two years ago as a way to dip my toe into the world of blogging. Since then I have learned a lot about blogging — including what it is and isn’t for me — and I’ve garnered a decent audience along the way. While not a huge following, there are some regular readers among you and a lot of others who have simply stumbled across this site. And since my focus from the beginning  has been to write about what I find interesting or helpful in the world of marketing and sustainable business practices, I’ve tried not to use it as a soapbox for my business.

But then, about six months after establishing this blog, I left the world of the gainfully employed to start Twist of Lime, a marketing and content services agency. My first site was built by me using Dreamweaver. And while I was confident with my DW skills and proud to have successfully built my own site, I have always known that design is not my forté and that the previous site was not the strongest calling card for someone trying to make a sizable chunk of  his income from building Web sites.

I’ve learned a lot in the past year-and-a-half, both from my clients and my teammates. The result of some of that knowledge is here in this redesigned site. Design was done by my wonderful wife Miga, who’s own skills in Web design are growing, and the development was handled by Alexis Sarthou, whom I have known and worked with since my Circumerro days and is very talented in the ways of building WordPress templates (yes, this site is powered by WordPress!), among other fine development skills. And, from time to time, some of what I do on the business side does and will continue to show up here on MarketGreener.

Please take some time to check out the new site. There are still a few tweaks to make and I welcome any and all (constructive) feedback. And I hope you continue to read the blog, and that you enjoy it enough to share it with others. Please bookmark it, join our email list or subscribe in a reader. And as always, enjoy!

What’s Really In It For Me? Volkswagen Engages Through Fun

There’s no doubt that if you want to engage people in your cause you need to not only answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”, but you have to make sure what’s in it for people is something they’ll enjoy getting out of it. This video by Volkswagen’s ad agency in Sweden, DDB Stockholm, is apparently going viral because it demonstrates just that.

You want me to take the stairs instead of the escalator because it’s good for me and saves energy? No thanks. You want me to take the stairs instead of the escalator because it’s fun? Sure! These people aren’t saving energy and burning a few extra calories. They’re having fun! And never mind the fact that there’s no car in the video. You’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll hardly notice. But then that’s part of the point. This is one of a series of videos in a new initiative by Volkswagen to try to get people to change their old ways by making the new way fun.


Wyo Biz Council Idea Expo A Success

I’m finally getting caught up on things after last week’s Wyoming Business Council Idea Expo. While attendance was down some from previous years, I felt the program was very worth while. Of course, my completely biased opinion is based on the fact that I gave two very well-received seminars. I had gone prepared to present only my search engine optimization seminar but was asked at the last minute to talk also about social media marketing. This seminar turned out to be one of the best-attended of all during the Idea Expo.

Social media marketing is obviously very hot right now, and the interest Wyoming businesses are taking in this topic is understandably high.

Chris Hansen To Speak At Idea Expo

Wyoming Business Council's Idea ExpoWell folks, it’s official: I’ll be speaking at the Wyoming Business Council’s Idea Expo the end of this month. The Conference runs Monday and Tuesday, September 28 and 29. Specifically, I will be giving my seminar on The Basics of Search Engine Optimization on Monday afternoon at 4 pm. Before that I will be either participating in a panel discussion on using social media for business or giving my own presentation on the same subject. Haven’t heard yet which it will be, but I’m going prepared.


Product Packaging News Recycled: Less Is Still More

In the past couple of weeks, two seemingly opposite articles about packaging have piqued my interest.

First it was this one from Fast Company: “Will ‘Active Packaging’ Undermine Apple’s Quest for Sustainability?”

Then it was this week’s Marketing: Green column from MediaPost: “When It Comes To Packaging, Less Is More.”


Tips To Make Your Employer More Environmentally Friendly, Part 2

Editor’s note: MarketGreener has accepted some guest posts by the good folks at uSwitch, a utilities price comparison Web site aimed exclusively at businesses to help them save money on electricity. This and the last post are from uSwitch.

Areas to investigate
These are three areas which are worth looking at, because they can be simple to organise, can save money and don’t require much effort to operate as schemes.

1. Energy use

A few simple procedures can make a significant difference to how much energy the business uses and so pays for.  If it’s possible to introduce an energy monitor, it will be easy to show this.


Tips To Make Your Employer More Environmentally Friendly, Part 1

Editor’s note: MarketGreener has accepted some guest posts by the good folks at uSwitch, a utilities price comparison Web site aimed exclusively at businesses to help them save money on electricity. The next two posts are from uSwitch.

No-one can ignore environmental issues.  Most of us are becoming used to recycling at home and many consider ethical sources for food, clothing and other goods.  But business has been slower to catch on.  Is there anything you can do, as an individual employee, to make your workplace more environmentally friendly?  This practical guide gives you some ideas to make a difference at work.

Be practical
In the current economic climate, many people are more worried about their immediate financial position than the future of the planet.  If you want to make changes, you’ll need to offer practical reasons and plans.

(more…) Launched was launched earlier this week. was launched earlier this week.

I’ve been privileged to work with the good folks at the Teton Raptor Center here in Wilson for much of the past year. From helping them with some fundraising materials to their marketing for Old Bill’s last year, it has been a lot of fun. But the most rewarding so far has been the project that has been in the sights since last fall: a new Web site.

A little background: the Raptor Center in its current form is a relatively new organization, but the activities of the Center have been ongoing for quite some time, going back pretty much as long as area wildlife biologist and raptor expert Roger Smith has been caring for raptors in the Greater Yellowstone area. Officially, Roger and his wife Margaret Creel established The Raptor Fund as a non-profit back in 1992 but have lacked a place for this organization to call home—unless of course you consider their home such a place. Since they didn’t consider their own home appropriate, they sought to establish such a place.


Where The Heck Is "Wydotanatah"?

"Wydotanatah": my phrase; my territory.

"Wydotanatah": my phrase; my territory.

When I conducted my first marketing seminar I was merely looking for a way to reach a captive audience of potential clients among businesses here in Jackson Hole. Now that I’ve reached that audience, I’m continuing to look for ways to reach others here locally in Jackson Hole and in the region beyond.

Jackson Hole as a business community is unique in many ways, some of which include: