Countdown To A Great Trip

This may be a very broad leap in regards to green marketing and business practices, but I couldn’t help myself. As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I want to mention a ski trip I’ve been planning that we’re all very excited about and hope will be a lot of fun. With a nod to green marketing, I must say that I only found out about Sorcerer Lodge by doing some digging online last spring when I was trying to put this trip together. Well, as of yesterday we’ve got a full group and I couldn’t be happier with the bunch we’ve got going. Mostly people from Jackson Hole, but all are good folks connected in one way or another to each other. And of course, everyone of us is an avid skier ready for a great experience.

Marketing To Addicts

Chris Hansen skiing some Teton powderThe best kind of marketing is the kind that you don’t have to do for a product your customers want and believe they can’t live without. There are a handful of products and services that fall into this category. Many are illicit and illegal. Often times they are addictive—be they physically or psychologically. But there are a few things that, while (psychologically) addictive, aren’t necessarily bad for you. In some cases they are even good for you.

In this case I’m talking about skiing. Now, I refer to this activity generically as “skiing” because that’s what I grew up doing. But “skiing” for me often means any form of disciplined snow sliding. Sledding, inner tubing and the like don’t count ’cause any idiot can do that. I’m talking about snowboarding and alpine and telemark skiing. Preferably involving gravity, but I’ll occassionally include skiing of the Nordic variety because, while arguably not as fun, those are definitely “disciplines.”