Social Media Working for 1% for the Tetons

1% for the Tetons' "One28" campaignFor the past couple of weeks, a small team has been working on 1% for the Tetons“One28 Campaign.” This campaign has been quite intensive for the past two weeks now and will continue through June 5, 2010, when we hope to have raised $300,000 for 19 very worthy grant projects that will help sustain the environment in the Tetons region.

It actually began late last year, with the understanding that the 1% Web site needed a complete overhaul, (more…) Launched was launched earlier this week. was launched earlier this week.

I’ve been privileged to work with the good folks at the Teton Raptor Center here in Wilson for much of the past year. From helping them with some fundraising materials to their marketing for Old Bill’s last year, it has been a lot of fun. But the most rewarding so far has been the project that has been in the sights since last fall: a new Web site.

A little background: the Raptor Center in its current form is a relatively new organization, but the activities of the Center have been ongoing for quite some time, going back pretty much as long as area wildlife biologist and raptor expert Roger Smith has been caring for raptors in the Greater Yellowstone area. Officially, Roger and his wife Margaret Creel established The Raptor Fund as a non-profit back in 1992 but have lacked a place for this organization to call home—unless of course you consider their home such a place. Since they didn’t consider their own home appropriate, they sought to establish such a place.


Blog Action Day Fights Poverty With Huge Social Media Lever

How can social marketing make an impact on the impoverished? That’s the question I’m asking for Blog Action Day’s topic this year of “Poverty.”. There are millions of places online where you can read about and act to diminish poverty. From Kiva to the Gates Foundation, organizations are harnessing the power of the many online to help their cause. And of course it’s not just for poverty. There are plenty of causes.

So, not to belittle the need to stamp out poverty, but I thought I’d use a local example of an off line “long tail” that I know the Jackson Hole businesses and non-profit (the 200+ of them that there are in our community of just over 20,000 people) community can relate to to help understand how the online long tail can make a difference for their cause, whatever it may be.


Getting Ready for Blog Action Day

I’m getting ready for Blog Action Day and researching what marketing can do for poverty. I’m interested in your feedback about how marketing can influence poverty. And if you’re a blogger, you should get involved.