"Locavores" Unite In Driggs, Idaho, For Local Food Appreciation

Slow Food in the Tetons

What could possibly be greener than food grown in your own community?

I just returned this evening from a great community event: it’s called Locavores and it’s all about local food producers coming together to raise awareness about food being produced locally in the Jackson Hole area. The event was in Driggs, Idaho, on the “other” side of Teton Pass, which is a relatively more hospitable environment for growing food than the Jackson Hole valley.

The event was inspiring on several levels. First, it’s so good to know that the food you’re eating came from not too far away and that you can meet those interesting individuals who made it. For example: I like to eat meat, but I’m married to a vegetarian and, probably for the better, I don’t get to eat too much of it. I also feel strongly that much of the meat produced in this country is raised in ways that not only aren’t natural or good for the animal being raised, but they’re really bad for those of us eating it. So the best thing you can do if you like to eat meat is eat meat that comes from animals that are raised humanely on food they are supposed to be eating. What am I getting at? Would you rather eat steak from a cow that’s raised in tight quarters on corn and antibiotics or from a cow that’s allowed to graze freely on grass?

Happy Earth Day Round Up

Love Your MotherWell, today is Earth Day and I have to say, even though I saw it coming, it caught me completely off guard. So, other than the obvious things that I try to do every day like not drive my car, turn the lights off, and recycle everything I can, I thought I’d at least spread a little link love. Needless to say, there a helluva lotta sites dedicated to being green. Not the least (or most) of which is mine. But hey, if you’ve got some time, check out some of the following. You might even learn something!

Treehugger has an Earth Day roundup with all kinds of things from cool things you can do to a survey asking what you are doing.

Green Daily offers some things you can do around your home; specifically, switching all your incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents. While you’re at it, check out Energy Star’s site for more household energy saving tips.

AutoblogGreen reports on Alaska Public Radio’s story about those using biodiesel and “vegoil” in the cold northern climes. You can download the mp3 by clicking here.

Getting back to business, Duct Tape Marketing suggests buying local for Earth Day…and every day.

The Energy Blog takes the opportunity to help a couple of electric car manufacturers do some Earth Day marketing.

It appears even Disney is jumping on the Earth Day bandwagon. Ecorazzi reports this morning that Disney has launched their new nature site called Disneynature “to produce documentary films about the environment.”

Finally, I found this little gem of a video offering a brief look at the history of Earth Day. Enjoy, and Happy Earth Day!

Co-op America's Green Business Conferences Looking Interesting

Green Business ConferenceI belong to the Green Business Facebook Group and I received a message from the moderator, Tad Hargrave, about the upcoming Green Business Conference in San Francisco next fall hosted by Co-op America. (There’s actually one coming up sooner in Chicago May 13-15.) I’ve never heard of this conference (though I’m sure there are many I haven’t heard of), but judging by their sponsors and guests (Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago and Chris Van Dyke of Nau, for example), it looks like it could be a good session.

This Just In: Step It Up, Jackson!


Not exactly business or marketing related, but this just landed in the in-box this morning so I thought I’d give a little plug. Step It Up has enlisted communities around the country to host November 3 Climate Actions. One will be hosted here in Jackson Hole at the Teton County Recreation Center by the Jackson Hole Middle School Global Warming Heroes League.

You can learn more and get involved here in Jackson or (hopefully) near where you live by going to Step It Up and searching for November events in your area.