Who “We” Are

Twist of Lime is a marketing and communications agency based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We help businesses leverage their online presence through Web site development and upkeep, email marketing, search engine optimization, project management and seminars.

Admittedly, “we” is a pretty loose term. It includes me (Chris Hansen) and any number of talented people who constitute the right team for your marketing needs.

Jackson Hole is a relatively isolated and sparsely populated area with certain socioeconomic factors that can make it a challenge for any business to attract and keep good people. But despite — perhaps in spite of — these factors, it is a place that attracts talented, creative, free-thinking, independent people. It is home to some of the most talented graphic designers and software developers (among many other creative people) who often work for companies around the world, but who choose to live (and play) right here.

After a decade of marketing and communications work in this community, Twist of Lime has access to a robust network of creatives who are available to be a part of a team customized specifically for the needs of your project.